Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sabado Gigante

* Heroic Americans continue working hard to preserve our Morbidly Obese American Way of Life. And this inspiring, 16-pound baby has made us rethink the wisdom of letting Texas secede.

* Just three more months until we sit out the Querétaro Marathon! If you're interested in running, there are a few different age divisions. If that's confusing, the website has a handy chart to help you figure out how old you are.

* We were pleased to see the hometown paper putting not one, but two "good news about Mexico" pieces on its front page recently. We imagine that's going to come to an end now.

* Mexico City turns out to be an okay place to do business. Maybe we should open a branch there.

* Sometimes the Failed State of Arizona does our parodying work for us.

* FSoAZ Failed State Senator Lori Klein is no crazier than most FSOAZ legislators, which is to say she thinks nothing of pointing a loaded weapon at a reporter's chest. Unfortunately, her weapon of choice was a .380 Luger rather than the Official Failed State Gun, the Colt revolver, and so will likely face a recall election in the fall.

* And really, she's not the dumbest person ever elected there.

* On the other hand, they apparently did manage to locate Chapo Guzman. They just didn't think it was worth telling anyone about it.

* The Burro Hall Arts & Literature department has a long history of enthusiastically endorsing books we haven't quite gotten around to reading yet, a proud tradition that continues with Positively No Dancing by real-life friend-'o-the-blog Jim Mason. Refunds are available from our Guadalajara office if you're not completely delighted.

* As long as we're plugging friends we made at the Brooklyn Inn, check out Brooklyn Girls Cooking.

* Really, bars are wonderful places.

* Via Madam Mayo, the story of how Google wiped its feet on the world's best archive of Mexican newspapers, then casually walked away.

* Terrorists punch thousands of holes in US border wall.

* The media meta-shitstorm around Pulitzer Prize-winning illegal alien José Antonio Vargas's article about being a Pulitzer Prize-winning illegal alien is a nice reminder that the journalism biz is still dominated by white dudes with an outrageous sense of entitlement.

* Speaking of the Spanish Academy, the anti-Querétaro-is-the-awesomest-word backlash has started.

* If we were writing copy for the QRO Tourist Board, our first description of the town wouldn't necessarily be, "a radiant intensity of peace, history, diversity, pureness" - mostly because that doesn't make sense in any language. "Pureness" isn't even really a word, we don't think.

* Acapulco becomes a real-life porn video.

* Our Animal Affairs Correspondent, Julie Carmann, gets a nod from the LA Times for her coverage of Burrofest.

* A great archive of movie stills from Tex[t]-Mex.

* Tres generaciones of mariachi nosejobs.

* Dick Dale: Mexico. Go crazy. Totally bonkers.


Anonymous said...

This is good news. Apparently half the Senate is packing heat. Maybe they'll just wipe themselves out.

Crazy Rita said...

Frank, if that's your real name because, frankly, I think your real name is Rupert, how many voice mails did you hack to get all your news worthy articles?