Friday, July 01, 2011

There Are No Narcos in Querétaro

With the government of Querétaro constantly reassuring everyone that there's no evidence of narcos operating in the state, we like to check the police blotter from time to time to see the small-time non-narcos who get nabbed for possession.

Like this guy, busted last week carrying 44 pounds of pot for his own personal use.

Or his neighbor, caught carrying a mere 275 pounds. Doctor's orders, we presume.

Or these guys, mixing up three tons of methamphetamine in their bathtub - enough to get them through the rainy season blues.


Anonymous said...

It is not thar there are no narcos, but cartels working in queretaro as HQ

C. Guzmán y Asoc, Exportadores de Sinaloa said...

275 pounds of marijuana... geeze, you can fit that in the back of an Atos... doesn't count.

3 tons of meth "precusor" wouldn't even be enough meth to get a small town, like Wasilla Alaska, through a weekend.

Definitely small time operators.

Panchita del Volantín said...

Fast, concise, to the point, entertaining! Love it!

Ziggy Bombanuts said...

Possible baseball like card set, have you stand in front of neatly stacked dope with the state logo of whichever police department in the back.

Anonymous said...

Glaucoma is contagious in Mexico.

Charles Pergiel said...

Are the guys standing with the drugs in the pictures the people who were arrested? Or the cops who made the bust? Or are these promotional posters? Here is Jose! He moved 44 pounds of weed last week! Good job Jose! And here is Carlos, a top earner! He sold 275 pounds in one day! Good job guys!