Saturday, July 16, 2011

Voice of a Generation

Yesterday was "Bring Your Perro to Work" day at The Man's corporate headquarters. The perro took the opportunity to lay down some narration tracks for an anti-spay-and-neuter PSA he's been working on.


Dave said...

All right, Frank, I have to admit I've grown fond of seeing the perro. Good to see him actually workng for a change. Is that a blurred tongue darting there?

Guess it's a bit late for the spay/neuter issue personally, though he might use the opportunity to press for carrots.

Anonymous said...

Finally dawned on us. You're queer.
Nice to know. You're very cool, of course.


Mark and Miso

C.M. Mayo said...

More of the perro! (Could the blog become Perro Hall?)

Dave said...

I second that sentiment. Or how about his own Facebook page?

Burro Hall said...

The perro has been writing this thing since about 2009.