Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Just Want to Wet Our Beak

We were kicking back yesterday with a Lipton Brisk® Raspberry-flavored Iced Tea, when a potential investor emailed us with an intriguing proposal:

From: Brandy Olson
To: BurroHall
Sent: Sat, Jul 16, 2011 3:36 pm
Subject: Blog Question

Hello! I was wondering if you took paid guest posts on Burro Hall? Not a traditional "guest post" but one you'd be compensated for and have complete editorial control over.

I'm part of a business that does high-end brand placements worked into guest posts on a variety of subjects. Our posts don't advocate or review our clients, they are informational and/or newsy. We include a reference link to our clients amongst other topical links inside the content. We'd provide the article, written by a domain expert, and pay you a bit of money for you to review and post it upon your approval.

(If you don't take guest posts, we also have arrangements where we discuss your upcoming post and find one in which a link makes sense and pay you to include it.)

Is that something that you would be interested in and if so, how much would you want us to pay?


Needless to say, we almost spit our crisp, refreshingly tart beverage all over the keyboard! We can't wait to see the look on The Man's face when we tender our resignation in the morning.


tepetapan said...

At least you would not have to wait long for the money. I´m still waiting for the check from Libya.

tepetapan said...

Sounds like some fast cash, what are you waiting for?? I am still looking for that check from Libya and its been 2 weeks.

Amiga del Loraxolalala said...

You should see the ones I get from Nigeria.

Mr. Moneybags said...

Mr. BurroHall,

Thank you for providing us with so many fantastic blog posts, I wish to compensate you for all your efforts

Please provide me with your bank account number, social security number, D.O.B and mother' maiden name so I may deposit money into your bank account.

May the lord bless you, this blog and the dog.

Maria said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Burro, tu amigo de Twitter, you didn't put the BBC reporter (Katya Adler) documentary about Mexico. It's great, well done.

Crazy Rita said...

Would you please have one of your interns check this out cuz I got the same email(damn, where´s the question mark on a spanish keyboard) It must be worth checking out.