Saturday, August 06, 2011

Bicentennial Fever 2011!

A big Burro Hall shout-out to the glass, steel and translucent stone monument to the Bicentennial known as the "Trail of Light," for capturing the essence of Mexico circa 2011.

Spectacularly over budget, embarrassingly behind schedule (the Bicentennial was last September), excessively reliant on foreign suppliers, surrounded by defensive and incompetent bureaucrats, laughed at by its countrymen and, like the Torre Latinoamericana before it, basically a rip-off of a New York City landmark, "Trail of Light" is, in our opinion, the apotheosis of Mexicanismo, right down to the misguided foreign press coverage.

More here.

Bonus Crowbar Award Nominee: Kudos to the Beeb for this:

The Trail of Light... is meant to be a legacy for future generations, a symbol of hope in a country troubled by gang-related violence.

The drug conflict that has killed more than 30,000 people since late 2006, when the Mexican government launched a war on the cartels.



Anonymous said...

Mira Burro, productos chinos:

Anonymous said...

What a fitting tribute to Mexico.

Charles Pergiel said...

OK. That's really weird. Does the BBC have it in for Mexico? Or was that just an accidental mish-mash?

And what's with the photo linked by anonymous? Or is that just another example of someone inserting the wrong bit?

Mexfiles said...

Uh, the bicentennial of Independence isn't until 2021... and of the Republic in 2024. Plenty of time.

Burro Hall said...

Good point. I still remember picnicking with my family at the big Boston Pops concert for the US Bicentennial on September 3, 1984.