Friday, August 26, 2011

Burro Hall Book Club

For the past five nightmarish years, anyone who wished to read the bestselling Sudario Trilogy, by our friends, neighbors and Burro Hall Norte landlords Leonard Foglia and David Richards had to be fluent in Spanish, Brazilian or Polish, since those were the only languages it it had been published in. Technically adept readers could run the book through Google Translate, as we've done here with first paragraph of Volume One, but it probably wouldn't make you hungry for another 800 pages...

How lucky I was! The last forty years of your priesthood had been spent in the cathedral, between the gilded carvings, high arches, the beautiful sculptures of stone, which had acquired over the centuries, gray velvet appearance. So much beauty kept touched with the passage of time.

The nightmare ends now, with the publication in English - the Official Language of Geno's Cheesesteaks™ - of The Sudarium Trilogy! It's the perfect three-part beach read, released just in time for the end of summer (as you might expect from a publisher that took five years to publish the books in the language they were originally written in, but hey, what do we know about business?).

The first five readers to mail us their receipt for all three volumes will receive a photo of the perro posing with the authors' perro, destined to become the canine version of the Elvis/Nixon handshake.

[Of interest to our local readers: One of the books (we won't say which - you gotta buy them all) is set partly in Querétaro, with one supporting character ("God") based loosely on the Executive Editor of this site.]


Charles Pergiel said...

And what a nightmare it has been! Nothing but English speaking cheese! The horror! The horror!

Anonymous said...

Count me in for one of the perro pictures.

tio loco