Sunday, August 28, 2011

City Adrift

Some heart-wrenching images have been coming in to the Burro Hall Storm Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene, all of them taken by our intrepid interns within 100 meters of our New York City Bureau.

Tree damage on W72nd St.

Officials declined to estimate how long it would take maids to remove duct-tape residue from the Dakota's windows.

Evidence of the presence of looters near Amsterdam Ave.

Desperate Columbus Ave. residents escaped to higher ground.  As of 2:52 pm no one from FEMA had arrived.

As predicted by several leading paleontologists, dozens of dinosaurs escaped the Museum of Natural History in search of food.  In a stroke of good luck for weary residents, most of the giant beasts were herbivores, like this flower-eater above.

Shortages of fatty tuna have led to rationing, with residents waiting up to 15 minutes for an outdoor table at Tenzan.

The prayers of the entire Burro Hall family go out to the victims. Our nonprofit wing, Burro Hall Cares!, will be establishing a relief fund as soon as our attorney gets back from Shelter Island.


Amiga del Lorax said...

You might link to the photo of the pug in the yellow raincoat, NYT today.

Anonymous said...

you are a certifiable idiot

Burro Hall said...

Pugs get ready for Irene

Anonymous said...

Some of the best disaster reporting I've ever read.

Amiga del Lorax said...

Viva los pugs!!! Gracias Burro Hall!!!

The Wrath of God said...



I would get out of NYC before the locusts get there.

Jan said...

I love to laugh. Thanks, from your Baja Pacific friend.