Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grim Policia

Mugshot del Día:

Now, sure, the guy [allegedly though very probably] killed a guy and threatened a pregnant woman with a knife, but still. Either the police here drag their perps before the media before they've been arraigned, or the police station bathroom needs to put some non-slip tiles on the floor.


Joe Arpaio said...

Are you sure that isn't the victims blood all over his shirt?

Burro Hall said...

No idea, but if it is, then it's what a professional police force would call "evidence," and probably should be preserved in some sort of sterile container, not manhandled for the sake of parading a suspect before the cameras.

Dick Tracy said...

Mexico and professional police are mutually exclusive.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to tell me what GRIM policia are, aside from the obvious.

RG said...

You missed that the paramedics were from CRUM... another snarkalicious acronym.

Geeze, you guys watch too many U.S. crime shows, and have that provincial attitude that the American way of jurisprudence is the only possible way.

In Napoleonic Law arrests follow a preliminary finding, or -- as here -- when the criminal is caught "in flagrante delicto". He's already been "arraigned" and there's no reason not to show his photo.

And, c'mon, it's not like CSI Queretaro has the money or facilities to test every piece of possible evidence, nor would they need to.

Burro Hall said...

They seem to have plenty of money for more and more guns. American justice has its flaws, obviously, but this is the first time anyone's called my admiration for due process "provincial."

GRIM stands for Motorized Rapid Response Group.