Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* As you may have noticed (or probably didn't, since we barely pay attention to this site ourselves, and so don't really expect you to), we haven't bothered to post our weekly roundup of stuff we can't be bothered to write full posts on. Sorry, it's just been that kind of summer here. We hope you've taken the opportunity to go outside and enjoy yourselves, or at least visited some of Our Far-Flung Correspondents. We haven't updated that list in a while, so if there's anything good out there that we should be reading but aren't leave us a link in comments. Now get outta here. Summer's waning...

* Actual journalist Jan-Albert Hootsen, whose blog is in Dutch, and therefore hilarious, has just launched The Voice of Mexico, a site whose mission statement sounds like our kind of manifesto, so bookmark it:

The roots of The Voice of Mexico lie in its founders’ discontent with the flow of information in a country we love dearly.... We feel frustrated with the singular focus on organized crime, corruption and migratory issues. We feel frustrated with the lack of context and meaning the (inter)national media offer us. We feel that, by reading the current reporting on this country, you might hear a lot about it, but learn very little.

* Like, take for example...oh, say, Greta Van Susteren, Fox News's answer to Jocelyn Wildenstein, whose latest internet word-collage laments the way the media has "ignored" the violence in Mexico, and the way those dastardly Mexicans' "drugs are exported to our street," where, reluctantly, we are forced to purchase and ingest them.

* Mexico: Land of the formaldehyde-preserved fairies.

* Failed State of Arizona Roundup: Man shoots self in penis with official state gun; FSoAZers are on an anti-haboobs jihad - 'cuz ya can't give a Biblical storm a Koranic name; Local woman dreams of the day an Arizonan #1 at something;

* This just in: Batshit crazy Michele Bachmann is the favored candidate of the batshit-crazies - which of course hasn't dissuaded her from pandering hilariously to the Hispanic vote. We'll bet her Spanish is better than Rick Perry's, though.

* Speaking of Michele Bachmann...

* "Median wealth of whites is now 18 times that of Hispanic households." Presumably, when it hits 20, we can stop freaking out about Hispanics threatening the American Way of Life.

* Some nice promotions for the people who brought you Fast & Furious.

* Being mayor of Querétaro requires you to do some weird stuff.

* Meanwhile, the governor's family comes out at night to feed on the living.

* We're shocked to learn that QRO Airport is big enough to land a 747. Why do we always have to fly to the US seated between Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper?

* Malcolm Beith talking some sense in Foreign Policy.

* Chomsky has some lucid moments as well.

* Holy shit, even GE's top global-growth guy is talking non-crazy! Maybe they're reading The Voice of Mexico.

* Any Mexican who would steal the golden crown off the Virgin of the Macarena is the kind of no-fear motherfucker we don't ever want to run into.

* Gorgeous photos of Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, located in the non-shithole part of Baja. Also, check out the mammoth crystals of Naica, Chihuahua.

* News from Mexican Shark Week: Scorpion deaths down; vampire bat deaths up.

* Also, killings by people on the rise.

* Fences Make Good Neighbors: Is there any way to keep gringo child molesters out of Mexico? In return, Mexico could keep banditos like this guy out of the US.

* It should be no surprise that in Amealco, Querétaro, the most alcoholic town in Mexico, 50 percent of the people consume too much pulque. And by "people," we of course mean, "children."

* The PRI certainly understands how government stimulus is supposed to work.

* Limited Edition Emiliano Zapata Ruger, if you're looking for a little Old school Gangsta action. Sure, you'll be cut in half by your rival's Uzi, but they probably won't shoot you in the face, out of respect.

* Nice to see our favorite-named drug gang, the Knights Templar, actually starting to dress like the Knights Templar.

* The Zetas ruin a perfectly good letter. Costa-Gavras better watch his back.

* A shameless plug for our friends at Casa del Atrio.

* As long as we're plugging, our friend Dan Margolies' new book, Spaces of Law in American Foreign Relations: Extradition and Extraterritoriality in the Borderlands and Beyond, 1877-1898 is finally out in paperback. Don't be put off by the tabloidy title - the publisher wants to sell books, obviously.

* We can't imagine there's a place in Mexico with more surveillance cameras per square meter than Querétaro, yet somehow we're not on the Webcams of Mexico site. (Incidentally, does anyone know of any QRO webcams?)

* Here's something for the anti-bullfight crowd.

* Speaking of unfair fights, a team of Mexican toastmasters (yes, that's really a job) just claimed the world record for Longest Marathon Speech. Amazing.

* The local rag's cover story in today's Fine Dining section:

* "A cityscape with the color and curves of a tortilla."

* Via Tex[t]-Mex, Mexakitsch. (We love that that's really a sentence.)

* Cantinflas, the Lucille Ball of Mexico, turned 100 this month - just like Lucille Ball! He's also dead, just like Ball. And, just like "ball," his name is actually a dictionary word.

* If you need us, we'll be in the toilet horesman's.

* Can we just posit that any chica who would trade her virginity for Justin Beiber tickets is probably not a virgin?

* Cheesecake Week Grand Finale: All the bikini photos of this years Miss Mexico contestants right here. This year's theme appears to be "A Salute to Rhinoplasty."


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