Monday, September 05, 2011

11.S '011: Requiem for a Lightweight

It's hard to believe it's been five years since the "choreodrama polemic" (that's theater talk for "pretentious dance piece") "The Fall '01" had its world premier on the stage of one of Querétaro's lesser museums. The work has been described as "poignant," "meaningful," "deeply elegiac" and, "a work which may one day take a place in our cultural legacy next to Benjamin Britten's War Requiem" - not by critics, of course, but by its composer, who had a major snit in our comments section after we suggested that 45 minutes of bloated multimedia "9/11-Truther" horseshit was maybe not the classiest way to mark the 5th anniversary of the attacks.

A couple of weeks later the composer started a blog of his own, consisting of a single post explaining (poignantly, meaningfully...) that "9/11 was an inside job planned and executed by the U.S. government," and linking to a video of a crazy person saying more or less the same thing, deeply elegiacally.

But hey, what do we know about choreodramatic polemics? Judge for yourself, now that the whole 9/11/06 Querétaro performance has been posted online:

Starting around 4:00 you can hear audio snippets asserting that "secondary explosions" at the base of the towers brought them down, and that Building Seven was deliberately demolished, followed by 38 minutes of deeply elegiac gyrations set to a slowed-down version of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother suite. It's easy to understand why it opened 2500 miles off-Broadway.

"A work which may one day take a place in our cultural legacy next to Benjamin Britten's War Requiem"? Friends, today is that day! Thanks to a special arrangement between our non-profit charity, Burro Hall Cares!, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation, here, for the first time anywhere, you can view "The Fall '01" next to "War Requiem."

Burro Hall: We're all about the healing.


Farrokh Bulsara said...

"What's left? Seppuku I guess. I lived in Japan long enough to have learned how it should be done. Give up your real name and address and I'll try to arrange to have a DVD made of my self evisceration and instruct a survivor to send it to you."

Jackie T. Gabel

Did you send your address?

Burro Hall said...

Of course not. I was worried he might write an original score for the seppuku DVD.