Thursday, September 22, 2011

Great Moments In Branding

This is on a car parked outside our offices right now. "For those who drive drunk, Tecate for you!"

This is either: (a) That Mexican sense of fatalism we hear so much about ("You're going to drive drunk, so why not drink our beer?); (b) A tremendous display of self-awareness on behalf of Tecate ("We're basically just Coronoa Light mixed with brewery workers' urine - seven or eight of these babies and you'll still be sober enough to drive!"); or (c) something altogether different. The Google has been no help with (c). Anyone?


graciela said...

It's a rip on the Tecate commercial campaign..."Por los que se aguantan como los machos" "Por los que solo oyen lo que les conviene", "por los caballeros que no tienen memoria", etc. They're actually kinda funny and there are like a million of them.

Anonymous said...

Translate, please.