Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Which We Begin To Doubt The Efficacy Of "Car Seat Giveaway Madness!!"

Burro Hall Car Seat Giveaway Madness!! isn't just something we do because we have to if we want to maintain our non-profit tax status (though we'd be lying if we said our accountant has never mentioned this). It's more like a Mission from God. While we don't particularly like - indeed, we actively detest - small children, we hate to see then needlessly hurled through the windshield of a moving vehicle, when something as simple as an $80 car seat could have saved them from a permanent vegetative state. Like, for instance, this youngster here, standing up untethered in the back of a moving pickup truck as it rumbles up a hill in the Centro.

But maybe we're just wasting out time. Maybe senseless child endangerment is so deeply ingrained in Mexican society that even a gringo blog as powerful as this one can't excise it. In America - the non-hillbilly parts, at least - riding through city traffic with a four-year-old standing free in the bed of your pickup would not only be unacceptable, it would be illegal. Not "pay a $30 fine" illegal, but, like, "we're taking your kids to foster care" illegal. Anyway, let's widen out a bit...

Yep. That's a police car two cars back, following along as this guy rolls up a cobblestone street with a very small child wobbling around in the back of his truck. We waited to see if the cop would pull him over. Within a block, the truck did in fact pull over, but of its own volition. The cop pulled wide to his left to get around him, and continued on his way.

The truck has stopped not too far from the Burro Hall offices, in fact, allowing us to see the "Vivir Mejor" decal on the side, indicating that it was an official government vehicle (it says "Gobierno Federal" across the hood). It's hard to say if he was on official business at the time, but still... when a small, untethered child is standing up in the back of a moving government vehicle being driven by a government employee and trailed by a police car in broad daylight in the middle of the state capital, is it really possible to shame them with a blog post?


Anonymous said...

Where is Sheriff Joe Arpaio when we need him?

Dave said...

I think you need to take it to the streets...perhaps a small kiosk in front of your house...or walking the streets calling out "car seats!!!" Whatever you do, please take the picture first. You owe it to your readers.