Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It's Not Easy Being a Burro

We don't spend too much time using the Twitter, partly because we're old enough not to understand it, and partly because this seems like exactly the kind of thing that would happen to us the minute we started twitting in earnest.

But we still check in on our seldom-used account from time to time, which is where we found this message alerting us to this video of "Burro Abuse in Torreón."

We're not even sure what the fuck these guys are doing, but plan to send our Torreón Bureau Chief over to investigate. Not that this is strictly a Mexican thing, of course. Just two weeks ago, animal rights activists in Texas released this shocking video of innocent burros - excuse us, donkeys - being repeatedly subjected to Tea Party propaganda by a crazy old man who we think might be Ron Paul.

Why not just test cosmetics on them as well?


Dave said...

I think they'd rather test cosmetics tnan listen to that crap. Or submit to Mexican bondage, for that matter.

I like the little dig about "the United States of France." Cute.

Burro Hall said...

I've always been amused by the conservatives' assertion that France is some kind of horrendous hellhole, and that turning your city into something like Paris would be a fate worse than death.

Dave said...

Plays well to the "No place like home crowd" who've never left.

Still can't figure out the first video. I'd swear they were turning that burro into a soprano, but I'm glad the footage stayed vague.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn`t the original Tea party ended rather differently if it hadn`t been for the French.

pc said...

crap that doesnt reflect well on the old stomping grounds. I leave them to themselves for on year, and they have attacks on burros and gunfights at the soccer stadium.