Friday, September 02, 2011

Remembrancefest '011

We'll be relocating south of the border in a few days, just in time to escape the maudlin orgy of September 11 remembrances here in El Norte. (We're allowed to say that, because we've spent most of the last four months contributing to the Great Lake of Eagle Tears. You can catch it 9/10 on A&E, right before a very special episode of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels.) Of course, we should have realized that something similar would be going on in Mexico, where the abrasive sounding "9/11" becomes the mellifluous "11.S" (own-say ess-ay). El Universal kicks of the remembrancefest with "11.S: The Day The United States Lost Interest in Latin America," which is of course exactly how it's being remembered here in New York.

Meanwhile, you just knew the Failed State of Arizona (where merely uttering the phrase "11.S" will get you thrown in jail) would find some way to fuck up Sept. 11, didn't you? Setting aside for a minute the wisdom of ordering sushi in the middle of a steaming, landlocked dustbowl, an FSoAZ outfit called Stingray Sushi is offering a "9-11 Remembrance Roll," which of course consists of spicy crab, avocado, asparagus, tuna and whitefish, the combination of which immediately takes us back to the day the Unites States lost interest in Latin America. Ninety percent of the proceeds will go to benefit the Phoenix and Scottsdale Fire Fighters Associations, which as far as we're aware suffered no losses on Sept. 11.


ex-MexFiles said...

At least some of us also remember the OTHER 11-S... 11 September 1973... when the U.S. proved it had all too much interest in Latin America.

Burro Hall said...

Too much interest...not enough interest... You can see why Uncle Sam is exasperated.