Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* Normal blogging should resume more or less now, and continue until we have something else to occupy our times. Journalists - and by extension, unemployed gringo bloggers - are courageous prophets of freedom, according to no less an authority than the Mexican Catholic Church. (Though the idea that "the role of journalists is to defend the value of truth till their dying breath" would mean more if fewer journalists were doing just that.)

* The Year of Mexico In France is finally back on track, with Paris premiere this week of "Across the Face of the Moon," a mariachi opera written and directed by Leonard Foglia, our friend, neighbor, and landlord of Burro Hall Norte. So don't just sit there, people. Get your asses to Paris!

* Lemons into Lemonade: Mexico cashes in on the end of the world.

* Mexico is the world's fastest-growing market for dubious tracking-chip technology.

"More Mexico youths die from violence than car wrecks." And seriously, have you seen the way these people drive?

* Headline of the Week: Mexico Safer Than Headlines Indicate. Duh.

* The Grey Lady gets a little more Mexican, assuring at least six more months of reasonable coverage.

* "Spillover": the myth that just won't die.

* There's a movement underway to get the NYC Subway N line renamed the Ñ line.

* Failed State of Arizona Roundup: FSoAZ Attorney General sues to repeal Voting Rights Act (no, seriously); Cops taze suspect seven times after he surrenders; Mexicans target Phoenix mayor for defeat in next election; How many FSoArizonans does it take to unscrew most of the lightbulbs in the southwest? One; FSoAZ ban Mexicans, Mexicans retaliate by releasing wolves; The failed state's illegal gun sales continue to boomerang; On the positive side, we loved Dog Day Afternoon.

* Comment of the Week, from a bilingual German-English blog:
introducing: Burro Hall/ Darf ich vorstellen: Literatur Blog
Burro Hall is a humour Blog of an American journalist living in Queretaro Mexiko. It started with a series of funny pictures as comments on actual or not actual occurences ;-) There is this really ugly dog.... The blog soon develops in humour entries about anything Mexico and America. It is really funny to read even though my humour is a different one so I do not understand all of them. "Well though" I would say ;-)) Definitely worth a look!

* That's balanced out by this. At the risk of being immodest, any lengthy article about gringo blogs in Mexico that doesn't mention Burro Hall is by definition unserious. (Which, we know, is not a word. But c'mon.)

* Speaking of gringos in Mexico, this was written by a friend of ours. (Okay, a Facebook friend whom we've never met, but that counts.)

* We can't believe Presidente Calderón is still bitching about the enormous quantities of drugs Americans consume - as if this in any way empowered the narcos.

* Speaking of empowered narcos, files this one under "Banality of evil, The."

* The Artist Formerly Known as Gancho explains why a drug war truce is impractical.

* Una gardenia para ti.

* We haven't yet cracked the binding on his book (though we did flip open to the index - and right there, between "Buñel, Luis" and "Bush, George H.W."...nothing!), but here's Jorge Castañeda on Charlie Rose.

* The guy who stars in all America's movies and the guy who stars in all of Mexico's have finally teamed up.

* Lucha libre art, via the sadly defunct MazReal.

* Shaul Schwarz's narco-culture photos, via the same sadly defunct source.

* For the second year in a row, the Nissan Tsuru is the most stolen car in Mexico. Which is just really, really sad.

* The Real Housewives of Polanco.

* Charlie Sheen arrives in Mexico. Street price of cocaine triples.

* Zoos to Mexican Drug Cops: "Please, no more white tigers."

* We all know that so-called "gun nuts" are really just sportsmen interested in preserving their hobby, which explains why the National Shooting Sports Foundation has filed suit to block regulations that would require gun shops along the Mexican border to report multiple purchases of detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles. If NSSF loses, the pheasants win.

* Great old MTV commercial, via nuestro amigo Benjamin:

* Taco Bell and Doritos join forces. Just clicking that link might give you stomach cancer.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the German blogger called Jesus ugly. WTF?

Burro Hall said...

He's being taken care of.

Crazy Rita said...

Glad to see you are back reporting the real news.

Anonymous said...

HI thanks for mentioning my mention :-) and I am extra-ordinary sorry for calling Jesus ugly - might take it back ;-) (and I am a she by the way....) love your blog!