Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* We've been glad to see El Universal taking a week of from reporting the bad news of the drug war, to focus instead on the bad news about the human trafficking situation in Mexico. Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, for starters.

* Remember when all the wingnuts got mad at Obama for playing golf, even though he came home that afternoon and killed Osama bin Laden? Imagine if he more or less hosted a travel show. (Blog post from the producer here.)

* This story about Metallica in Mexico is terrific. "Hetfield beams as he observes the long line of stalls selling bootleg Metallica gear. 'Isn’t this great?' he says without a hint of sarcasm." Needless to say, we plan to download a pirated copy of the concert video right now. (Also, Some Kind of Monster is one of the best documentaries ever.)

* Speaking of which, "Portraits from Ground Zero: A Burro Hall Joint" is available for free on iTunes.

* We've been gloating all week about how safe we were in Culiacán last week, but that was before we saw this: 137 people sickened from eating raw shrimp that had been contaminated but fishermen using pig-fattening feed as bait. We ate a lot of shrimp ceviche last week, people. And lived to tell the tale.

* How safe is Querétaro at the moment? Six out of every ten job applicants has moved here from elsewhere in the country.

* We know our love of bullfighting makes us unpopular with certain readers (Hi, Mom!), but we'd like to go on the record as saying this shit isn't bullfighting, no matter what the media calls it.

* Via In Veracruz: Chief Wahoo pimping customs windows. Go Tribe!

* Looks like Rick Perry's one non-insane position might cost him the nomination. The modern GOP is a thing to behold.

* Meanwhile, the Failed State of Arizona's Most Failed Sheriff, is gonna get to the bottom of this Obama birth certificate mess if it takes him until the next election.

* We never thought there'd be an issue where the FSoAZ was less crazy than the People's Republic of Massachusetts, but there is.

* Good news for phobic fliers: No need to worry anymore - from now on, your planes will be hecho en Mexico.

* We're digging Voice of Mexico's culture section.

* We know the QRO State Police think they need something like this, but we can't imagine why.

* We haven't yet seen the movie based on Patrick Corcoran's life, but highly recommend his reflections on the gradual unraveling of Torreón in the years that he lived there.

* People naming their kids after politicians, celebrities and athletes is nothing new, but we were still surprised to learn of a man in Watertown, NY, who'd changed his name to Burro Hall. Burro Hall, Sr., to be precise. We have decided to adopt him as our official mascot. According to his Facebook page, he hates the Red Sox, loves Fox News, and really doesn't care for the little socialist fella living in the White House right now. So, really, he's perfect for us.

* We're not sure why this 124-year-old Mexicana is referred to as the Oldest Person in Mexico, but not in the world. We can only assume politics has something to do with it.

* WHO's road safety data for Mexico.

* Our Commenter of the Week this week is last's weeks Commenter of the Week, writing in to apologize for calling the perro ugly. Apology accepted, Bee. We'll call off the vigilantes - but we might not reach them in time.

* The Week in Cheescake: Querétaro's Inez Sainz is really only the 20th-Sexiest Sportscaster in the world?

* There's a Mexican pageant we didn't even know about: Miss Earth Mexico. Average girls in above-average headbands.

* Mexico's Vampire Woman immortalized in wax, somewhat redundantly.

* Via Tex[t]-Mex: Mexican Aunt Jemima ad. When just one stereotype isn't enough.


Anonymous said...

Look Burro:

Amiga del Lorax said...

That photo is guau too scary.

Dave said...

Nice to have you back in Q Frank....seems like a lot of pent-up blogging going on. How do you scrape up all of this stuff in a week?

Miss Earth Mexico was a nice break from asassin bulls and have to LOVE those little bows and arrows. Hope they get to keep them...

Why do I suspect Arapaio's "Elite Team of 5" was sitting on the border in camo until their new assignment?

Nowhere Near the Border in This Reality said...

Puns not buns!