Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Shining

If you're a municipal police comandante in Culiacán, just getting a shoeshine involves a serious expenditure of man-hours and other resources.

The reverse angle:

Our local reporter explained that the comandante probably earns about 7,000 pesos ($600) a month. That struck us a kind of low for a job that requires an entourage of six heavily-armed deputies to get a shoeshine at 8AM on a Thursday.

"Well yeah, that's why they all do some other work on the side, if you know what I mean."

Sure. But wasn't one of the perks of working for the gangs[*] a certain level of protection against getting iced while having your boots shined?

"Yes, but only from that gang. Not from the gangs that you're not working for."

* We're speaking generally. We assume the comandante pictured here is an absolute paragon of virtue.


pc said...

That was a bold move, taking that picture.

Burro Hall said...

And by "bold," you mean "unwise." But the readership of this blog deserves no less!

Actually, we'd asked permission. (See previous post about my extreme physical cowardice.)

Amiga del Lorax said...

Audacious shot. Sorry to be a spoiler, but it would have been better with a pug. And a pug riding a tricycle! Yeah, bursting out of the trunk of that unmarked Dodge! Ole!

Dave said...

I'm with Lorax. The comandante holding the pug would be charming.

I'd have gone for the shot too, except every time I point my camera at the police my wife scolds me for my audacity. In future I'll send her over to negotiate permission.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not posting any of this stuff while you were there! I was worried enough as it was!