Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights

Yikes! Semana Culiacana is running way behind schedule. Sorry about that. Anyway, having done several posts about how safe (if a bit creepy) the town was, we should probably point out that there were 18 murders the week we were there. (Querétaro, which is about the same size, had zero.) But of course these things never seem to happen when you're standing around with a tv camera, so the closest we got was the aftermath of a hit about two miles from where we were staying. Here's the riveting narrative:

Dude was driving down the street. Pickup truck was driving the other way. As they passed each other, pickup truck emptied a clip in the dude's head. Dude's dead.

Nice grouping!

Readers seeking snuff-porn (you know who you are) will have to go elsewhere. (Okay, fine - here. Sheesh.) We arrived on the scene a little less than an hour after the shooting, by which point the body was gone, the car was hitched to a tow truck, the broken glass had been swept up and the cops' primary concern was getting traffic flowing again.

Anything resembling a "forensic investigation" had either been completed and cleaned up with out a trace in less than an hour, or never happened in the first place. Amazingly, four weeks later, there don't appear to have been any breaks in the case.

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Anonymous said...

It's my guess that you will return to this lovely place soon for vacation. It seems right up your alley!