Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dept. of Corrections

A few years ago we wrote about a statue of Ignacio Peréz [right], the Pablo Revere of Mexico, who rode from Querétaro to Dolores to warn Miguel Hidalgo that the independence plot had been compromised. For this act of amazing heroism in service of the Mexican nation, Peréz is largely forgotten today, save for this one statute.  And, as we wrote:
Adding insult to injury, he's facing the wrong way - unless the statue commemorates his slinking back into Querétaro a few days later.
Well, we're happy to report that at least one historical wrong has been righted. The traffic island upon which the statute sat was recently torn up and replaced as part of Gov. Calzada's "Let's Spend All The Money In the Treasury!" initiative. The statue's base got the full "Pimp My Plinth" treatment, and when Peréz was returned to it last week, someone had the bright idea to face him the right way, towards the state of Guanajuato.

Unfortunately, the view from Querétaro's Centro Historico is now of a horse's ass in full flight, right about eye-level (he was no filly, if youknowwhatimean!), but sometimes the truth isn't pretty.

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