Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flipping Out

A while back, we remarked on the prevalence of volcaduras - cars flipping over in accidents. In all our years in the US, we can probably count on our fingers the number of completely overturned cars we saw, not counting the times the Celtics won the NBA title. Here, we see them all the time. Case in point, a picture from our local paper from a one-car accident in the university parking lot:

Seriously? In a parking lot? We've done some reckless driving in our day, but is it even possible to exceed 20 miles per hour in a parking lot? We'd have to wait for the research interns to come in on Monday, but we're tentatively prepared to say this in the only recorded instance of a car flipping over in an enclosed parking lot. Even in Mexico.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the student told his father " I had an accident with your. Don't worry, it's just a scratch"?


Anonymous said...

I went to college there, and I clearly remember the day one of my classmates had this same kind of accident on the "road" between the engineering and the foreign languages schools. She was OK, her passenger too, no biggie.
I still wonder how the hell these things happened :)