Sunday, October 09, 2011

Going the Distance

Quiz time! If someone taped a flier saying "The marathon will pass by here - Come out and cheer!" to your front door of your house and every other house on both sides of your street, would that lead you to believe that the marathon would pass by here, and that you should come out and cheer?

Bzzzzzz! If you answered "yes," you clearly didn't notice the flier was written in Mexican! The Querétaro Marathon/half-marathon/10K/5K didn't pass within a mile of here, and by the time we'd realized we'd been suckered, the race was over (the flier also doesn't mention that it started at 7AM). We assumed the top 20 spots would be taken by half-naked Tarahumara, but apparently the Kenyans who manage to stay hidden from view all year long until there's a road race for them to sweep came out in the open to take first and second place. The heat and the 6,000-foot altitude made for a winning time about 13 minutes slower than the women's world record, prompting the state's Secretary of Development to speculate that this will soon be among the best marathons in the world. Because of course it will.

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