Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Sexyween

It's Halloween again! Seems like every year it catches on a little more here, but the whole "women dress like extra slutty" rule is definitely not in full effect. If you want slutty Mexican senoritas, it's best to do your Halloween shopping in the US...

Probably the most unsettling thing about the "Miss Matador" costume is how much it resembles the actual costume bullfighters wear in the ring. We never realized quite how flimsy they are.

Miss Matador
The image of what Emiliano Zapata would look like as a sexy chick is so alluring, it sold out.

Sexy Senorita
"Shooting" isn't quite as sexy on this side of the border, but okay.

Sexy Shooter
We're not certain what a "Mexican Princess" is, since there's no royal family here, but we admire the honesty of filing this costume under "cheap."

Cheap Mexican Princess
Did we mention it's snowing in New York right now?

Mexican Flag Bikini
"Dame of the Dead." Mmmm...necrophilia!
The Dame of the Dead
We're pretty sure this is the worst flamenco costume ever.

Flamenco Dancer
And of course our favorite, the "Fat Gay Nazi Gringo Hotel Promoter."


Crazy Rita said...

I always wondered what you looked like.

Burro Hall said...

You can't handle the truth!

Anonymous said...

Fecal matter saves 33-year-old Arizona man:


Dave said...

I think Rita's confusing you with the other son of Burro Hall Sr.

If it wasn't for the beard....