Monday, October 10, 2011

Long Hard Slog

Okay, last Querétaro Marathon/Half-Marathon/10K/5K post - considering we didn't even see it.  But we've been reading about it for about a week leading up to it, plus two days of blanket coverage yesterday and today.  Endless articles about the route, the number of people signed up, which streets would be closed, the grumbling of local merchants about street closings, the economic boom the race will bring the city (they seem to have settled on a figure of 10 million dollars, because 4,000 runners came from out of town; why they assume that each out of town runner would spend $2,500 is never explained).  And after the race, assessments of what a success the race was, lengthy accounts that boil down to, "there was a race here yesterday," and about 1,000 photos of Governor Calzada (and family!) running - to the point that you could be forgiven for thinking that he'd won the race handily.

About the only angle not covered was the "this is a sporting event" angle.  Not once in the coverage leading up to the race did we ever see an article looking at the serious contenders.  And while everyone dutifully listed the top finishers today, not a word about how the race itself unfolded (except for a single passing mention to the winner having a 2-minute lead with 10K to go).  Neither the marathon's website or Twitter feed offered any updates of the race-in-progress.

 Our favorite might be this (annoyingly un-embedable) interview with the winner, where the questions range from "When did you arrive in Querétaro?" to "How do you like Querétaro?" and "How long did you train for this?"  (The correct answer to that last one would generally be, "all my life.") 

Amigos, if you want your marathon to someday be considered among the best in the world, you might consider treating it as if it were an actual running competition.  Take if from these Bostonians-by-way-of-New York, okay?

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