Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mascotas Perdidas

It's been a while since we've posted some of the lost pet fliers taped up around town. The number crunchers downstairs in our Reader Demographics Dept. tell us this is a waste of time, since the vast majority of you live well outside of Querétaro, but, hey... you never know.

"Camila," a West Highland Terrier missing since Aug 2. She has a microchip, which tells you all you need to know about the efficacy of microchips. The note at the bottom says, "Imagine if a member of your family disappeared.  How would you feel? [frowny face]"

"Muñeca" the chihuahua has been missing since July 25 - long enough for her photo to have faded off the page.

"Frijol" - "I have kidney problems.... I will be happy to get home"

Seriously? A dog the size of a fucking Shetland pony is missing? The sign says he has one blue eye and one brown, so that's how you can distinguish him from all the other unaccompanied Great Danes wandering around town. Sorry guys, this one left home on purpose. We kind of want to imagine he's teamed up with one of the chihuahuas and they're riding the rails together. Disney screenwriters take note.

And one for humans:

Lisset - the phone numbers are for Baja, so we can understand why she ran away.  But if you see her, call. 


Anonymous said...

That's so weird that they would have a Lisset poster in Queretaro, my guess is that she has been dead for a while, and there's alot of desert around La Paz.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to give your idea personally to her parents

Hose A said...

Isn't Se Busca a colloquialism for "Who stole my pet?"

Anonymous said...

Isn´t, bastard, an euphemism for you Son of a b.... ?