Monday, October 03, 2011

"Naive" Spelled Backwards

Mexico is all a-flutter about the emergence of a gang of vigilantes calling themselves the "Zeta Killers" (Or, as we call them, the "TOTALLY AWESOME Zeta Killers" - because the Zetas are TOTALLY AWESOME!) As the name implies, the Zeta Killers are devoted to killing Zetas, which seems like a pretty high goal to set for oneself, and will no doubt give rise to a Zeta-backed "Zeta-Killers Killers" gang, and so on, and so on.

Whatever. We were mostly intrigued by their "Hi, We're the Zeta Killers!" video communique, in which one Zeta Killer (Zeppo, we believe) does all the talking, while the other four Zeta Killers sit there...and yet each one has his own personal bottle of Evian water in case his mouth gets dry during the five-minute taping.

We've done enough setting-up of video interviews over the years to understand the impulse to have some water on hand for the talent - that's just Production Coordination 101. But we wonder at what point they realized that all of their faces would be covered by balaclavas, making it impossible to sip their cool, refreshing designer water. (Harpo, the second from right, seems to have grasped this early on; his frustration is palpable.) And really, if they botched something as simple as this, how much of a chance do you give them at eradicating the TOTALLY AWESOME Zetas?

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bob in exile said...

They could join the Zeta killers protection program and be sent to New York under an assumed name and given a job bending tacos for tacobell.