Thursday, October 13, 2011

Republican Candidate Sees Non-Mexican Terror Plot Foiled By Mexican As Excellent Reason to Crack Down on Mexicans

Well, this didn't take long....

Perry Says Iranian Terror Plot Proves America Must Secure Its Southern Border

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday an Iranian-backed terror plot coordinated in Mexico proves the U.S. must secure its southern border, an attempt to shore up his standing among Republicans on immigration.

The Republican presidential hopeful used Tuesday’s announcement that Iranian forces had sought to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. to call for more border troops, improved fencing along the Mexican border and increased border patrols including the use of predator drone surveillance.

...Perry appeared to use the terror plot as a chance to pivot on his key stumbling point with Republican voters: immigration. Perry has slid in national polling since he spent the better part of last month defending his approval of in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants in Texas.

(To answer the famous billboard's question: In the context of Texas governors with presidential aspirations, yes.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe he can use the drones to help slaughter the burros while he's at it!


Anonymous said...

is that a gay wrestlers gang bang in the header photo.... and which club were you in when you took the photo.