Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* Querétaro understands that if you want people to be comfortable living in a police state, you've got to get them acclimated from an early age, so the city is distributing transparent backpacks to schoolkids to help facilitate drug-and-firearms inspections, even though we're not aware of any such problem in the elementary schools around here. Meanwhile, as local scandals go, "State Police Coordinator accused of rape" is a pretty juicy one.

* “A multimedia team from UNC-Chapel Hill collaborated with students from Monterrey Tec University to create an online documentary project that explores the untold stories of a country know for its dangerous reputation."

* On the other hand: "Among state societies, the most violent appears to have been Aztec Mexico, in which 5 percent of people were killed by others."

* We're big fans of Laura Carlsen, but we think she's working too hard here trying to prove that the Zetas had nothing to do with the Iranian terror plot. The proof that they had no dealings with Iran is the fact that, well, they had no dealings with Iran. (Unlike, say, the guys who bankroll the Tea Party.)

* Mexican American drug lord "La Barbie" is on a hunger strike over paperwork problems that are hampering his conjugal visits. We're not sure we've ever seen a more perfect distillation of the Mexican justice system than the preceding sentence.

* There's corruption here! Round up the usual suspects.

* Juárez tries promoting its sunnier side. It's going as well as you'd expect.

* Jefe Diego announces he's not running for president, thus wasting a perfectly good fake kidnapping.

* Rick Perry, job-creation machine: "Mexican drug cartels recruiting Texas teens."

* Texas border congressmen deny the border is a war-zone. Though now that Machete's Steven Seagal is patrolling it, there'll probably be a lot of bloodshed.

* That famous arsenal in Juárez turns out to contain some pieces from the ATF's "Fast and Furious" collection. Buy American!

* Enrique Krauze: "Can This Poet Save Mexico?" Probably not, but worth reading.

* Krauze's video archive is here.

* Awesome - more gringos! Mexican tourism up 1.8%.

* "2 severed heads found in Mexico City with message." Really, isn't two severed heads enough of a message on its own?

* The Comment of the Week comes via email from someone who enjoys reading our blog:

I enjoy reading your blog! But you usually think it's better to point out bad things about Mexico instead of the good. You think we're a stupid and ignorant country... you could always go back to your own."

* Last week's Commenter of the Week writes in to reiterate the fact that we're really, really fat, and to clarify one point: "YOU'RE A FUCKIN LIAR I NEVER SAID I WAS GOING TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN, I SAID I HOPE THEY GET OBLITERATED." Burro Hall regrets the error. And being fat.

* Behold, the "Earthscraper."

* Carlos Santana is playing a benefit in León tonight, if you're in the area.

* Mexican immigrant in Chicago launches first Latino microbrewery in the US. Something tells us this stuff would never sell here.

* Failed-State-of-Arizonans unable to pronounce Spanish name correctly. This probably explains why they got rid of the accent police.

* Meanwhile, the FSoAZ's real police get outsmarted by a scam right out of the Bugs Bunny playbook.

* Plaza Mexico announces the 2011-12 bullfight season.

* Dept. of Freak Injuries: Bull kills guy who isn't a bullfighter; bullfighter gored by thing that isn't a bull.

* South Park imagines an America without Messicans.

* Drunk Florida Man Tries to Use Taco as ID After His Car Catches Fire at Taco Bell.

* America in simpler, whiter times:


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It's a great day when you see a pug, say I. Viva!

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Thanks for the article on "Casa Grande." Now if we could get those in the "Snowstorm state" to pronounce "NEVADA" properly....