Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Urchinette

Regular readers will be familiar with Jesús, our perro's namesake street urchin, who sold gum on the streets of the Centro until being promoted to accordion busker. This left a gaping hole in his family's gum-selling division, since the boy was really, really good at it. So you'll all be pleased to know that his younger sister has stepped fill the void. She's four years old. This picture was taken around 9 o'clock last night, an hour when most four-year-olds would be home watching television.

And her name is Sandra, which makes her the Querétaro's first lady/head of DIF/2010 Person of the Year Sandra Calzada's namesake street urchinette!

(Lest we be accused of exploiting a small child for blog content, you should know that she charged us five pesos to take her picture, which is presumably more than her brother got for appearing in the government's anti-child-labor campaign.)

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