Friday, November 11, 2011


It takes a lot to stun the Burro Hall Editorial Board into silence, but today could be the day. We though it was kind of eerie that Mexico would be playing against Serbia on Armistice Day - 11/11, the end of a war that started with the killing by a Serb of Archduke Ferdinand, whose Uncle, Maximilian, had been killed by Mexicans here in Querétaro, where the match is being played. (Never mind that Ferdinand was shot on our birthday.)

But the fact that 11/11/11 - Nigel Tufnel Day - has brought, for the second time in three years, the death-by-aviation-accident of the Mexican Interior Minister, just might cause us to knock of early and go drinking.

Nigel Tufnel:

Way Creepy Update:
The last tweet on Blake's twitter account was on November 4, when he paid tribute to Mourino. "Today we remember Juan Camilo Mourino three years after his passing, a human being who worked toward the creation of a better Mexico," Blake said.


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Hope you had a great Nigel Tufnel Day!

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