Saturday, November 05, 2011

Day of the Dead: Bonus Round

We know we said, having discovered this brand new thing and brought it to you exclusively, that we were done, but we just found a bunch a pictures we meant to toss out there. After leaving the Panteon Municipal, we headed back to our offices to discover yet another DotD ceremony going on up the street, involving about a hundred dancing, drumming Chichimecas. The thing about "dancing, drumming Chichimeca" events here is that there's about 20 of them a year, so while it's a legitimate question why they were doing this in a public plaza that does not, as far as we're aware, contain any graves - it sort of didn't occur to us to ask, any more than it occurs to us to ask the other 19 times. Nevertheless, they looked pretty cool and we got off a few hots before it got too dark.

This display was set up in the plaza but does not (we assume, perhaps foolishly,) contain a dead body.

We're pretty sure this is the best "Take Your Daughter to Work" picture we've ever seen:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I would love to see the festivities sometime.


Burro Hall said...

Oh, you will, Mom... you will.