Friday, November 04, 2011

Day of the Dead Kids

The Day of The Dead [Exclusive!! Must Credit Burro Hall!!] is a joyous occasion for all involved - a fact that has inspired more bad writing than bullfighting and the exploits of Pancho Villa combined, a deluge to which we will try our best not to add to.

But the fun kinda grinds to a halt when you remember that Mexican kids can be dead people, too (see here for background). They actually have their own Day of the Dead a day earlier, on Nov. 1, which we didn't attend because, our general loathing of all children (and most people under 30, actually) notwithstanding, there's only so much heartbreak we can endure. Like any good family-style restaurant, Querétaro's cemetery has a kid's section, which we wandered into by accident. It was mostly (but not entirely) empty, but the day-old decorations were still fresh. And as in life, there are poor kids [right] and Barbie's Dream House kids [below]. Being a child in the afterlife is probably as agonizing as it is here on Earth.

These parents didn't want to send the kid to eternity without the scariest toy imaginable:

Oh, you didn't choke up a little when you saw the Elmo balloon? Yeah, sure. Here, go shoot Old Yeller, you heartless bastards.

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