Friday, November 04, 2011

Dead Men Walking

Not everyone heading to the Panteon Municipal around this time of year, Day of the Dead - a completely new phenomenon recently discovered by the intrepid reporting staff at Burro Hall - are going there to celebrate. Some are going there to dig up the dead and haul their into storage. Apparently, burying a Mexican is a little like a gringo building a beachfront home - you're only renting the land. Unless you've cut a deal to keep your grave "In Perpetuity" (in which case it will be inconspicuously marked like the one on the right), then you can count on a visit from The Man with the Shovel after six years, at which point your family will have to have you incinerated or move your body elsewhere. Use of a grave costs about $120 dollars, and the fee for moving Granny's corpse is about $15.

But the Panteon is severely overcrowded, and so, even with a special-offer discount price of $5, not enough people are having their loved ones exhumed on schedule. So, since business is business and the Mexican reverence-of-the-dead thing only goes just so far, the city will be heading out to dig up the dead with or without familial permission. Of course, since not every dead person has a living family or a bookkeeper, there are plenty of unclaimed corpses laying around - 2,500, to be exact. (That number comes from a newspaper article that isn't online; the article doesn't bother to explain where these bodies are or what will eventually be done with them. Journalism 101, kids.)

Anyway, here are some random images from Querétaro's DotD....

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