Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Good news from the frontiers of science:
A US doctor is trying to pioneer a laser treatment that changes patients' eye colour. Dr Gregg Homer claims 20 seconds of laser light can remove pigment in brown eyes so they gradually turn blue.
This was sent to us by a Mexican friend outraged at the Malinchistic implications of this. We're going to steer clear of that, except to say that, having been born with blond hair and blue eyes, we're not sure exactly what the appeal is. (Though we realize that, in this context, we sound like a woman complaining about the burden of being really stacked.) Readers interested in the aspirational Aryanization of Latino culture should check out Laura Martinez's Mi Blog Es Tu Blog.

No, what caught our sparkling blue eye was this:
He said he filed his first patent for the laser treatment in 2001. But it was not until 2004 that he began carrying out experiments on animals at a hospital facility...
Tests on humans initially involved cadavers, and then moved on to live patients in Mexico in August 2010.
Well, hell. We had our doubts about the safety of this, but if it's been tested on animals, cadavers and Mexicans, it's probably okay for use on humans.

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Dave said...

I'm just wondering what you do with a blue-eyed cadaver. And were they really "human" cadavers??