Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Forever War

We probably ought to be embarrassed by this, but this picture in the paper is the first time we'd seen the term "Permanent Campaign Against Drug Trafficking" used officially. Jesus, that's a bleak assessment, isn't it? A quick check on the Google machine reveals this phrase can actually be traced back to the 70s. We can't say that makes us feel any better about it.

Update: Our friend Margaret, a professional translator, informs us that permanent also means "on-going" - or, to put it another way, we're idiots.


Anonymous said...

False friend (sort of). “Permanente” equates to “on-going”, not “permanent”. In a sense your point still holds, yet it doesn’t sound quite as bad.

Margaret S.

Charles Pergiel said...

Ongoing? Permanent? Not sure there is any difference. Kind of like "The Never Ending Story".