Friday, November 11, 2011

The Gas Face

We were just paid a visit by a very polite man from the gas company, who wanted to let us know that we shouldn't park in front of our offices on Sunday night, because there would be an enormous pneumatic jackhammer tearing up the street between the hours of 10pm and 6am on Monday.

Not that it was going to do any good, but we tried to suggest that since Sunday was, well, Sunday, and traffic was relatively light, maybe they need not wait until 10pm to begin performing one of the noisiest activities known to man. "Well, yes, but what about the Masses?" he asked, pointing to the church up the street and the church down the street. "It would disturb them, plus they have congregants coming and going all day, so yes, very much traffic."

In other words, out of respect for the people who will wake us up at 6am with bells and fireworks, the gas company will wait until 10pm to keep us awake with the jackhammers. We're beginning to understand why terrorists would want to blow these guys up.

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