Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Great Moments in Not Keeping Up With the News of the Day

Today is November 2 - or, as it's known around these parts, the Third Day of Halloween. We know it's kind of a new tradition and Mexico is still struggling to put its own spin on it and everything but, Jesus, muchachos, three solid days of dressing up and trick-or-treating? Even Greenwich Village restricts Halloween to a single day - and there it's like a combination of Christmas, Mardi Gras and the Feast of the Ascension!

Anyway, a few days ago the "hacktivist" group Anonymous boldly and courageously unveiled The Least-Well-Though-Out Plan in Human History, whereby they were going to hack the living shit out of the Totally Awesome Zetas. This garnered a lot of attention, not least of all from the Zetas themselves, who responded the only way the Zetas respond to anything, which is to threaten to saw off the heads of any who fucks with them, post the video on YouTube, and leave their severed, Guy Fawkes mask-clad heads in an OXXO cooler in front of the local police station. (Those guys!) It basically took Anonymous all of 48 hours (we assume the delay was due to trouble getting online via Carlos Slim's shitty Infinitum Movil service) to realize that this was the dumbest thing anyone had ever done, anywhere, ever, to and play the "Hey, c'mon, we were only kidding!" card.

Of course, if we know the Totally Awesome Zetas, they're going to play the "We're still going to kill you and everyone you love and, frankly, anyone who looks even a little bit like you!" card. Which is a long way of getting to the point that this guy we saw earlier tonight, on the third day of Halloween, is wearing perhaps the Most Ill-Conceived Costume of the Halloween season, though it probably looked pretty fly when he first put it together a few news cycles ago:

We've already ordered his widow a corsage.


Richard said...

You don't really believe the "Anonymous" people were Mexicans, do you? The speaker had "school" Spanish the Castillian pronunciation aside, you could hear the air-quotes around the Mexican idiomas. As it is, who in Mexico, other than foreigners, paid any attention to "Vendetta", or knows when Guy Fawkes Day is?

Burro Hall said...

Of course not. It's still just a very bad idea to dress up as someone last seen on television threatening the Zetas. Even in Querétaro...

zutano said...

A noble idea, "Hack the Zetas". Once they get their hands on the up to date database of current members it will be on to the financial info. I am sure the SQL servers are well isolated but they will find a hole. All they need to do is find it's home page and go from there.

Maybe google can help.