Thursday, November 03, 2011

In Which We Discover Something No Foreign Observer in Mexico Has Ever Noticed or Written About Before

A while ago a friend sent us this video, with a note saying "this is exactly how I imagine your life."

Notwithstanding the fact that this was shot in Mystic, Connecticut, he's pretty much nailed us: a big white doofus staring through distorting glass at the spectacle of Mexican culture, occasionally nodding our heads as if we understood, though we're really just following the bright shiny objects. 

Which brings us to The Day of the Dead, and the fact that five of them had elapsed since we first moved our headquarters here.  But we were out of the country for at least three of them, and the other two, Lord only knows what we were doing, but we weren't partaking in the festivities.  So yesterday, our DotD #6, we finally got off our asses and wandered over to the Panteon Municipal to chill with the cadavers for the very first time.  Which means that we're about to write a bunch of "Oh my God, Day of the Dead is so cool!" posts about five years later than we ought to.  We'll go heavy on the photos, light on the bloviating, we promise.

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