Sunday, November 06, 2011

Man You Should Have Seen Them Kicking Edgar Allan Poe

Sure, it's nitpicking, but today's article in the local paper about a radio program celebrating Edgar Allan Poe "202 years after his birth and 62 years after his death" raises at least two questions for us: (1) Who creates a program honoring someone's 202nd birthday? and (2) Did no one responsible for writing or editing this stop to ask themselves, "Did Edgar Allan Poe really live to be 140 years old?"


Pugzzz Not Drugzzz said...

it must be the fault of those totally awesome zetas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Presumably it was originally intended to be a bicentennial piece.

Charles Pergiel said...

Yes. Yes he did live to be 140. Everyone knows that. How else could he have gotten a reputation for being so creepy?