Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Querétaro Moves 0.021% Closer to Marriage Equality

A few weeks ago the "gay marriage" issue started bubbling up again in the halls of the local Querétaro government. We didn't pay much attention because Querétaro will elect a talking horse as governor before it legalizes gay marriage. (A national survey [pdf] last year ranked the QRO at the top of the list of homo-hatin' states, with 46 percent of respondents saying they wouldn't allow a gay person to live in their house, and 42 percent saying that gays, generally speaking, should have no rights.) So a few congresscritters from PAN, the Baby Jesus's political party, formed some sort of committee for reasons that we're not completely clear on, and solicited comment from the public as to whether marriage should be reserved for unions of men and women, or if filthy gay sex perverts should also be able to marry each others' children and dogs (okay, we're making that part up - we don't know exactly how the question was worded). Again, this thing was only barely on our radar, and we aren't citizens anyway, but somehow 51,639 people found time to write in a response. It's true what they say about the Devil finding work for idle hands.

Anyway, the results were finally tabulated last week, and it was a squeaker: 51,627 votes opposing gay marriage, 12 in favor.

That is not a typo: 51,627 to 12. Maybe we were right about the wording of the question.  "Screw the gays" garnered 99.979% of the vote in a process that we have no doubt was completely transparent, unrigged and legitimate. By way of comparison, Saddam Hussein only took 99.6% of 1995 Iraqi presidential vote, for which he was the only candidate. "Screw the gays" fell one-thousandth of a percentage point short of Kim Jong Il's 99.98% victory in 2009. And we don't recall anyone complaining about the fairness of those elections.

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Dave said...

Squeaker indeed. I'd think even if they were only polling PAN supporters they'd come up with better numbers. Had to be Santorum was consulted for the wording.

D.F. is a few hours drive but seems a world away...