Monday, November 07, 2011

Racial Senitivity Watch: Black Fury Edition

Every year, El Universal runs what feels like a year-long celebration of the anniversary of its founding, complete with the sort of relentless self-congratulation that's just so rare in Mexican journalism. This year, in honor of it's 95th Anniversary, they've been running some of their more notable front pages, in maddeningly small reproductions. (Really, amigos - there's a market for this sort of thing. Think about it. Maybe call us...)

But so we couldn't help but love the big headline on April 5, 1968: "BLACK FURY UNLEASHED," which we suppose is one way you could play the "Martin Luther King Jr. shot in face by white supremacist" story.

In their caption, El Universal notes that this and the death of Mexican opera singer Fanny Anitúa made for a pretty big news day.

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