Thursday, November 03, 2011

Rock of Ages

So one of the first thing we noticed at Day of the Dead - a Mexican tradition we totally just discovered on our own - is the truly heartwarming practice of hiring musicians to play at the gravesite. Wandering bands of all varieties - mariachis, banda, huapango, you name it - can be hired for about three bucks a song to serenade the deceased. Of course, a gesture that's touching and intimate when one family does will turn into an ear-splitting cacophony of discordant noise if 100 families do it at once, which is in fact what happens. Which is merely to say, Day of the Dead is 100% Mexican.


Dave said...

It's about time, Frank. Seriously it's been one of my favorite times to visit, though it was only last year I actually visited a cemetary. I think I went a bit crazy with photos-must have several hundred.

Thanks for sharing!

Burro Hall said...

What can I say - promoting fat gay Nazi hotels is a full-time job.