Monday, November 07, 2011

The Rockets' Red Glare

Our constant complaining about the constant fireworks here is probably getting tedious, but one thing we've never complained about is the quality of the fireworks here - which are, in a word, dismal. The typical fireworks display goes something like this:  




    [six minutes elapse]
    Boom! Boomboom!

    [three minutes]  


    [an hour and twenty minutes]
    Boomboomboom! Boom! 

Etc. It usually feels like the fusillade starts and then someone realizes they forgot to bring all the fireworks, and over the next hour or two they wander around the cavernous basement of the church looking for stray rockets, bringing them up to the roof as they find them, only to discover no one has a match. Anyway, Mexico could learn a lot from the people of Oban, Scotland, whose entire Guy Fawkes Night pyrotechnic display was, thanks to a mechanical error, detonated in under a minute, resulting in perhaps the greatest fireworks show ever:

If you did it like this, amigos, we could all go back to bed at 5:32AM.

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