Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* We're always willing to give the Failed State of Arizona credit when it does something right, though the last time this happened was when they formed the Grand Canyon. But Tuesday night they did about the rightest thing they've done since then, by making SB 1070 author and general right-wing lunatic Russell Pearce the first sitting state senate president in the history of the United States of America (God bless her) to lose his seat in a recall election. (Though, thanks to the state's excessive inbreeding, his successor is also named Pierce.) Pearce says he is looking forward to pursuing some solo immigrant-bashing projects he's been putting off for a while.

* Human Rights Watch released a report this week (website / report [pdf]) indicating that Mexico may be surpassing the US as the most torture-lovin' country in North America:
Five years after President Felipe Calderón deployed the military to confront Mexico’s violent drug cartels, Human Rights Watch.. documents grave abuses ... including extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and torture. The report also examines the failure of both military and civilian prosecutors to investigate these serious crimes, and the detrimental effect of such impunity on public security efforts.
* But who will stand up and voice their support for the torturers, the rights abusers, the extrajudicial murderers? Why, the Catholic Church, of course.

* Marcelo Ebrard seems like a perfectly sensible presidential candidate.  He should probably avoid helicopters for the next eight months, though. 

* "10-year-old Mexican girl gives birth to baby boy after 31-week pregnancy." Between our zygotes-are-people laws and the government's embrace of waterboarding in the name of law and order, Mexico really is a right-wing paradise. Except for all the "it's full of Mexicans" part, of course.

* Speaking of the crazies, we bring you tomorrow's fake-outrage "controversy" today.

* Since October 2004, 132 U.S. Customs and Border Protection employees have been indicted or convicted on corruption-related charges.

* Mexican IDs now valid in Sonoma County, California.

* 21 migrants from Querétaro have died in the US this year, which is still a month and a half from over. 

* Pope Benedict XVI, previously seen making bullshit health-excuses for not visiting Mexico, is now saying maybe he'll visit Veracruz, once the most Yellow-fever-infested cities in the Western hemisphere. That's ballsy.

* US anti-drug commando squads operating in Latin America - what could possibly go wrong?

* Smart drug-war essay in the New Yorker

* Patrick Corcoran explains why, when the words "Forbes Magazine" and "Chapo Guzman" appear in the same sentence, nothing that follows should be taken seriously.

* In Querétaro, the single-mother capital of Mexico, single women can now adopt babies. Because we don't have enough single mothers.

* "A surprise inspection in a prison in Mexico has revealed the presence of 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma televisions, two sacks of marijuana, and 100 cockerels for cock fighting." Appalling, but on the other hand, it's probably reduced jailbreaks considerably.

* The two most popular boys' names in Mexico are Diego (James) and Santiago (St. James).  Discuss.

* We're not sure what the state's sex-worker's union's gripe is with the Human Rights Commission, but we still think that staging mock funerals outside the HRC's office is a terrible idea.

* It's bad enough we got passed over the the job of US Ambassador, but when the guy who took our job is in town, it seems the least he could do is stop by our offices and pay his respects. But no.  Fucking, no. 

* As predicted, soon after Querétaro being named the second-safest state in Mexico, the Governor delivers a million bucks worth of surveillance gear to the police.

* The easiest legal way to enter the US from Mexico.

* More cooking-in-Mexico on American tv.

* David Lida visits Carlos Slim's tax deduction art museum, and reports that the emperor has no clothes.  Or, at least, no taste in art.

* Fabulous "fake miniature" tilt-shift shot of the Palacio Nacional.

* A very nice man from Statista, Inc, has written us a few times now to let us know that "Our website offers a unique collection of statistics on the United States, Mexico and other countries around the world.... I would be very happy if you would consider adding a link to our website on your blog."  So... there.

* Burro Hall Commenter of the Week: This Anonymous person found a five-year old post in which we joked that Mexicans, lacking a word for soccer, simply stole the word we use for American football.

I was a new reader until I came across this old post. Now I am an ex-reader. You worked for 60 Minutes. This should indicate that your are adequately literate, reasonably intelligent and have some awareness of the world outside of the USA. "futbol after the American game"? What about the rest of the English speaking world that calls soccer "football" Could that be the reason "futbol"is used in Mexico. Between journalist and talking head you appear to be just another lowest common denominator talking head.

* Like everything in Mexico, the press conference announcing the 2011 Querétaro Agricultural Fair required the presence of not one, but two, Corona Beer models.

* Old Mexican miscellany at

* Authentic Mexican handicrafts at Manos de Mexico. 

* Our list of "posts we've been meaning to link to on Geo-Mexico" is just too long.  Go read the whole thing.

* Because there's a website for literally everything: The License Plates of Mexico.

* The guy from the 500-peso note is at MoMA in NYC.

* Querétaro reaffirms its opposition to gay marriage, is still hosting a gay leather-daddy convention next week.

* Anonymous's not-very-anonymous spokesman, after threatening to kill the Totally Awesome Zetas, decides that Texas is too close to Mexico, and moves north. We'll be sending him a copy of "Matando Güeros," by the Tijuana death-metal band, Brujeria.

* Querétaro Philharmonic Orchestra does Pink Floyd.  Hardcore fans will recognize several of the words:

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