Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* If Mexican politics has a single, unbreakable taboo, it's re-election.  It's pretty much the whole reason the Mexican Revolution began (101 years ago today).  Every office has a one-term limit, a policy we happen to believe is disastrous, since politicians spend half their term learning their job, and the rest of it ignoring their constituents because, hey, whaddaya gonna do, vote me out of office?  So last week, when the PRD nominated Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to repeat his losing performance from 2006, we thought, "but isn't this the same guy who rejected his razor-thin margin of defeat and has spent the last five years declaring himself the 'legitimate president' of Mexico?"  Shouldn't he, by his own logic, be forced to step down next year?

* Mexicans react to the Government Minister's helicopter crash in the usual way: by searching the grassy knoll for a second gunman.

* Meet Spinal Tap's newest drummer, Joe "Mama" Besser.

* Mexican pilot claims to have seen UFOs, which is so not the reason the Minister's copter crashed.

* Leaving no stone unturned in the investigation, the feds detained a guy for making a joke on Twitter.  Stunningly, he turned out to have had nothing to do with the crash.

* The Chiapas Jaguars soccer team replaces players names with Twitter handles on their uniform. #ftw.

* Malcolm Beith goes all lucha libre on Enrique Krauze.

* UNAM is going online in a big, pioneering way.

* We mentioned the New Mexico Secretary of State's ongoing investigation into non-existent "vote fraud" a while back.  Her follow-up report has just been released, revealing that perhaps as many as 19 fraudulent votes have been cast by the 1.1 million registered voters in the state - or roughly 0.0296875 percent.

* Percentage of current New Mexico Secretaries of State who ran over a guy on the highway this week: 100%.

* Take college football and Republican politicians, put them in the Failed State of Arizona, and what do you get?  Failure!

* The FSoAZ's failure to develop a regional cuisine of it's on is genuinely kind of sad, out its push to have the chimichanga declared the official state food is just pathetic.  We vote for baloney and mayo on Wonder bread.

* And whatever you do, don't let the kids learn about their heritage

* The Largest Taco Ever Made In the Recorded History of the Human Race Anywhere on Earth Ever just might be in the process of being assembled half a mile from our offices.  We'll be providing wall-to-wall coverage, of course.

* Apropos of this week's post about scorpion anti-venom, here's Geo-Mexico's look at Mexican scorpion dangers zones.  It's the first "threat map" we've seen where Querétaro isn't in white.

* Querétaro crime stats.  Current homicide rate, 4.2 per 100,000 - same as Wichita's.  So much for the "Querétaro: It Ain't Kansas" t-shirts we were planning to sell.

* Readers in Mazatlán should check out the Mazatlán Book and Coffee Shop.  The Pacific Coast branch of our fat gay Nazi condo promotion literary cabal meets there regularly.

* Readers in Brooklyn should try to make it to the grand opening of Manos de Mexicanos  in Red Hook on Dec. 3.

* Readers in Boston should check out the gas station burrito joint Villa Mexico, because we love that there's such a thing as a gas station burrito joint.

* Vintage Mexican tourism ad: "There's more to do in Mexico." That's exactly how we describe Querétaro to our friends in New York.

* But the loveliest of all was the Mex-i-corn...

* News you can use: To download "protected" Flickr images like the ones above, go to your browser menu under "Tools," to "Page Info," click "Media," scroll down until the picture appears in the window, and Save.

* Great photos of the border.

* #OWS, circa 1931.

* Hey, the folks at Vivir Mexico read Burro Hall!

* For reasons that make no sense to us, Mexico would really like more Canadians to visit

* Cuaderno Gonzo.

* Finally, the US Congress takes steps to close the Obesity Gap with Mexico.  How many servings of pizza-vegetable have you had today, flaquito?

* Laura Zuñiga, Miss Burro Hall 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, gives her first post-incarceration tv interview. Long story short, she di'n do nuthin'.

* Looney Tunes - "Mexican Boarders."


Crazy Rita said...

Wait a sec. You mean to tell me that one of the Three Stooges was a drummer for Spinal Tap? I did not know that.

Charles Pergiel said...

Last 3 links all go to the same spot.

Burro Hall said...

We've fired the intern responsible.