Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scorpions, and Other Venomous Snakes

A few months ago we wrote about the Failed State of Arizona coming hat-in-hand to beg Mexico to save them because they were all constantly being stung by enormous, venomous scorpions. To do this is the wake of passing a statewide "No Mexicans Allowed" law struck as that the apotheosis of shamelessness.

But that was before we saw the way the drug's American importer is profiteering off the whole thing.

Rare Disease Therapeutics, a Tennessee-based company, has the U.S. rights to Anascorp through an agreement with Instituto Bioclon, the Mexican firm that makes the drug.

...Metro Phoenix hospitals are billing as much as $12,467 per vial of the antivenom, The Arizona Republic reported. Because the typical dose is three to five vials, bills for patients and their insurance companies can exceed $62,000.

Each link in the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain from the Mexican factory to Arizona patients raises the price. A Mexican biotechnology company produces more than 250,000 vials for Mexican residents, who are charged about $100 per vial.

Does America have the best healthcare system in the world, or what?  The morale of the story is obvious:  if you absolutely must be bitten by an Arizona scorpion, try to do it as close to the border as possible, so that you can crawl into Mexico and avoid the 12,000-percent markup.


Steve Finnell said...

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Burro Hall said...

I'll pass, thanks.

Fnarf said...

Goo goo ga joob.

The story we always here is that these pharmaceutical companies have to do all this incredibly expensive research and development and whatnot, so shut up and pay that hundred grand for your toenail pills. But I don't see this company doing any research, except maybe research into the price of Range Rovers and beachfront mansions.

Dave said...

You already used the word shameless,which is about the best word that comes to mind.

It's always interesting to hear folks here say something to the effect that they'd be scared to death to have Mexican health care. (I wonder if they'd turn down Mexican antivenom?) From the few (and favorable) experiences I've had there, I'm more worried about how much it costs here.

Wolfgang von L said...

I jus spot em & Wack em w my shoe

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Tony said...

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