Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Armed & Anachronous II

A couple weeks go, Querétaro held one of those guns-for-cash things, whereby you show up with a firearm and the military buys it back from you without a lot of uncomfortable questions like, "You know guns are illegal in Mexico, right?" and "Did you perchance use this thing to rub out a snitch?" Even though QRO is the least-gunny place in the country right now, they still managed to pick up about 680 pieces, all of which were destroyed today in an elaborate ceremony in the city's central Plaza. Amid a phalanx of officials and Generals from the 17th Zona Militar, the gun were admired, photographed, denounced, meticulously logged one at time by make and serial number, and then laboriously sliced into non-lethal pieces.


And from the buzzsaws rose the unmistakeable smell of... burning wood? Jesus H. Christ on a holiday furlough, will you look at these "weapons"? Did everyone who turning one in actually ride with Pancho Villa? Because he's been dead at for 90 years. Seriously, if we were packing this kind of heat the night we got our ribs broken, we'd still have gotten our ribs broken.


If anything, these babies are worth something. Why are we destroying them in front of the media? Why not auction them off to collectors of antique weapons and use the proceeds to fight crime? Do we have to think of everything for you people?

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