Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bilking the Indians: A Centuries-Old Tradition

Having eliminated all crime in the city, and reduced random bone-breaking beatings of the comunidad extranjera to fewer than one a week, the Police State of Querétaro is able to focus its enforcement wing on more serious threats, like the indigenous women and kids selling cheap crap on the streets. In the video below, a team of municipal inspectors relieve a young Otomí of her merchandise in an orderly, professional manner - by which we mean they wrestle it away from her and run off down the street, without writing up any sort of citation, receipt or documentation.  (The common term for this is "stealing.") We're sure the only difference between this and a dozen similar incidents daily is the presence of a camera.

We were tying to remember where we had seen this shaky nighttime, streetlight-illuminated video style before. Then it hit us:

The state Human Rights Commission is promising an investigation, so we can expect a bunch inspectors dressed as pallbearers standing outside that office any day now.

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Anonymous said...

that young otomi woman has guts chasing after them like that.

we know that police in mexico are severely underpaid -- commonly explained as the reason for demanding bribes - but are they so underpaid that they have to steal their intended christmas gifts from poorer ladies & children on the street?