Saturday, December 10, 2011

Calling for the Death of the Human Rights Commissioner Is Apparently a Thing Now

Last month we mentioned a Social Democratic Party protest against the state's Human Rights Commissioner, Adolfo Osorio, which involved planting a coffin in front of his office with his name and "RIP" written on it.  Regardless of the merits of the protest (and he seems like kind of a tool to us), there's something a little ominous (and more than a little unsympathetic) about parading through the streets with an effigy of a Human Rights official's corpse.

But hey, what do we know? Earlier this week, posted this video of a group of sex-workers (whose complaint we can't quite figure out) marching to the Human Rights Commission with a another coffin for Osorio and, it must be said - because chicks are better at this sort of thing - a much nicer floral arrangement than the Soc-Dems brought.

And then, a couple days later, a group of self-styled "intellectuals" did the same.

Frankly, we expect a fair amount of bluntness from the local hookers, but we thought the intellectuals might have a better sense of how bad the optics are on something like this. We're all for a spirited discourse, but "human rights" is sort of a new and fragile concept around these parts, so maybe implied death threats are not the best way to bring about positive change?

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