Monday, December 19, 2011

Choosing Sides

So over the weekend, the US Congress took a few minutes out of its busy schedule of threatening to shut down the whole US Government to search behind the Congressional couch cushions to see if they can continue helping out Mexico in 2012 in it's War to Stop America's Drugs From Getting to America. After careful deliberation, they decided to toss the Mexicans $248.5 million bucks under the Mérida Initiative, to combat the murderous cartels who deliver us our drugs. Mighty neighborly of us, no?

Well, estimates vary, but during that same 2012 period Americans will probably put between $20-30 billion into the hands of those same cartels.  We had one of the interns put this into bar-graph form so we could see whose side the US is fighting on in this so-called war:

Meanwhile, back in Washington, elected officials are driving themselves crazy trying to figure out why the stupid lazy Mexicans can't just win this thing and be done with it.


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I'd suggest that instead of spreading ourselves so thin we should shift our resources to the War on Christmas where it will do as much good.