Monday, December 19, 2011

Cinco de Burro Hall

Burro Hall - it's not just a website, publishing empire, a philosophy and a way of life; it's also a physical structure, a stately Mexican hacienda, as important to the publication of this site as Hef's mansion is to his. And today marks five years since we burst in the the dead of night, bound and gagged the owner, and set up shop here.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Greetings from Burro Hall

We moved into the new house yesterday, lyrically named Casa de la Sirena - The Mermaid House - by its owner, after the large hand-painted tile mermaid on one wall of the courtyard. We've got most if it chipped off by now, to be replaced with the new Burro Hall logo: a donkey with enormous testicles wearing an Uncle Sam top hat. We just need to find some flashing red lights for the eyeballs.

The house is lovely, if a bit eccentric, and we're sure the next few days will be discovery-filled. For instance, we've discovered that bathrooms outnumber closets here 3-1, and that wireless internet is utterly ineffective when your walls are two feet thick.

But last night, we took out the garbage. Having lived in apartment buildings since we were 18, this was actually the very first time in our adult life that we've done that. See what we mean about discovery-filled?

Tonight, we took out the trash for the 1,825th time. It never gets old.


Aguachile said...

Happy fifth, compañero! I hope to hunt you down in early January - you in?

Burro Hall said...

Mayne thanks! I'll be in the US a couple of times in January, and not sure exactly which dates yet, but let me know when you're thinking and I'll try to work around it.

Mexfiles said...

I should be heading your way in February. Given the thrill you get out of it, I'll try to remember to bring you some garbage to take out.

Burro Hall said...

Oh, we make all our own, right here in-house. It's greener that way.

Dave said...

Happy 5th. The world will never be the same.